Mary Harmon Young
Mary Harmon Young


The Tuscaloosa City School serves students from kindergarten through grade twelve that reside in the City of Tuscaloosa, as well as provided extensive and expanding pre-school and technical education opportunities.

The City system has 24 campuses offering a wide range of academic opportunities including: Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, American Studies, Athletics, Fine Arts Programs, Tuscaloosa Center for Technology, Oak Hill School offering specialized services for handicapped students, and a variety of other educational enrichment opportunities.

The Tuscaloosa County Schools has a rich heritage of educational progress since its establishment in 1871. Thirty-two schools, located throughout the county, provide comprehensive, community-based learning centers for students enrolled in kindergarten through grade twelve.

The County system also operates a regional education center designed for special classes for handicapped, providing a challenging curriculum for gifted students. From early intervention and preschool programs to an instructional program at all levels that combines academic, workplace, technical and social skills, the Tuscaloosa County schools have achieved high levels of results.

The Capitol School is a private school located on historic Capitol Park in downtown Tuscaloosa. The March, 2006 issue of Edutopia features its selection by the George Lucas Foundation as one of the 12 most innovative schools in America. Founded in 1993 to implement the best practices in teaching and learning, The Capitol School serves 120 students from age 2 ½ through high school graduation.

The school is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. with flexible schedules available to Preschoolers through Elementary. All students take classes from Highly Qualified teachers in Spanish, German, Art, Advisory, Music (KinderMusik, Orff, violin, piano, handbells & chorus). Intramural sports include weekly lessons in soccer, swimming, basketball, gymnastics or tennis. Middle schoolers also have access to racquetball, Taekwondo, horseback riding and life guard classes. High school students are dually enrolled in college classes each semester to earn college credits while still in high school.

American Christian Academy offers a challenging, college-preparatory curriculum that is perfect for eager minds and critical thinkers. ACA’s goal is to offer a world-class education, but also to prepare students to educate themselves throughout their lives. ACA’s students ask questions and never stop learning. They use every available resource so that they not only know about a subject, but they understand it. They ask questions not just of books and teachers, but of themselves as well.

American Christian employs challenging entrance exams and interviews to ensure academic excellence in our student body.  Teachers at American Christian work together to enhance the educational experiences of our students. They share resources and methods that they have found helpful and explore new avenues to fully develop their curriculum. ACA faculty and staff believe that they are called to serve God by teaching, and they are dedicated to the success of our students in all aspects of life.

Tuscaloosa Academy is an independent, co-educational, college-preparatory day school with classes from preschool through 12th grade. Tuscaloosa Academy strives for excellence in governance, administration, faculty and staff, academic curricula, extra-curricular activities, facilities and equipment.

In partnership with the parents of its students, TA endeavors to enhance each student’s opportunity for intellectual growth, academic achievement, emotional maturation, character development, physical health, and the development of social skills and leadership abililty to the maximum extent.

Holy Spirit Catholic School Family honors the dignity of each person and provides a strong foundation for life-long learning within the framework of a Catholic Faith Community.  The vision for Holy Spirit Catholic School is to create an environment in which Gospel values are integrated into the life of our school community. Holy Spirit  envisions a school community where all people are welcome and encouraged to grow spiritually and academically.