Mary Harmon Young
Mary Harmon Young

Our Community

          Built upon family values, Tuscaloosa County is a vibrant place to call home and is continually listed in the top third of America’s most livable communities!

           It has a diverse economy where domestic and international businesses and industries thrive. It’s an easy drive to larger metropolitan areas and offers travelers a convenient place to stop, shop, eat and enjoy.

          The City of Tuscaloosa is called home by 89,000 people and is the epicenter of activity in Tuscaloosa County. Cross over the Black Warrior River to Northport, one of the Top 100 Small Art Communities in America, is home to some 23,000 people. Outside these larger cities are Coker, Brookwood, Coaling and Vance. During the main academic year, the county’s population grows by about 27,000 when college students call it home.

          The educational system features two school systems, a number of private academies, a flourishing community college, a top-notch, historically black four-year college and a world-class university.

          Leaders of non-profit groups and houses of worship will tell you the people are willing volunteers and generous givers.

The emphasis in the area is on quality living and thriving business, but the area retains an atmosphere of culture, tradition and antebellum beauty.

Today, Tuscaloosa County is enjoying steady growth and has one of the highest standards of living in the state. Its rich and storied past includes Native American legends, Civil War skirmishes, educational and athletic achievement, and a pivotal role in the Civil Rights Movement. Throughout the county, physical vestiges of this rich heritage abound: Antebellum homes, quiet old cemeteries, landmark downtown business establishments, and picturesque ruins of when Tuscaloosa was the Capitol of Alabama from 1826-1846.