Mary Harmon Young
Mary Harmon Young

Best of Tuscaloosa

The Who’s Who of Tuscaloosa


You’ve heard of “Angie’s List”?   Well, my list is just for Tuscaloosa and Northport and only includes the businesses that I’ve dealt with directly so that you can be assured of quality service –guaranteed by the owner of that business.

So many families in  Tuscaloosa have asked for my help–in finding a dentist for their children or for finding a good dry cleaners!    I have personal relationships with the people I recommend thus, saving you time from searching your self!I can suggest who to call based on my knowledge, relationships and  experiences with business in Tuscaloosa.   If you deal with a company who has exceptional service or a great product, please use the form below to recommend them and I will personally check them out before I add them to “Mary Harmon’s List”!

Roofer –

Painter –

Plumber –

Heating & Cooling –

Pest Control –

Home Builder –

Cleaning Service –

Flooring –

Window Repair –

Landscaping –

Yard Maintance –

Christmas Lights –

Florist –

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  1. Good morning Mrs. Young! This is Dylan Hackett with Cutting Hedge Lawn-Care. We know that your properties need to achieve the utmost curb appeal. With other lawn services charging such unfair prices we are here to tell you a little bit about us. Our lawn cutting buisness only consists of a buddy and I. We attend Northridge High-school. We do exceptional work for a price that will blow you away! A regular $100 dollar lawn from a different lawn-care company which does not include the hedges we would do for $50 and the hedges are included. This results in us being able to cut the lawn more often than the other companies for the same amount of money. You would get more for your money! We could maintain all of your yards in the Tuscaloosa area for the entire season! Thank you so so much for your time! We hope to hear back from you!

    • Ai mare dreptate cu tot ceea ce spui. Din cate am aflat si eu pe la cursul de cerectări de marketing jobul despre care vorbeÅŸti tu presupune racolarea acelor persoane dipusesa testeze diverse produse pentru a putea participa apoi la studii de piaţă referitoare la ele. Oricum ai dreptate când spui că e suspicioasă o astfel de modalitate de realizare a unei cercetări. Mă îndoiesc de faptul că firmele mari precum GFK Eurisko sau Mercury Reasearch apelează la astfel de procedee pentru a nu se lovi de greutăţile presupuse de găsirea respondenÅ£ilor.

    • I may be able to help.When the pink signup block comes up, type in the title of the article you are looking for and hit enter.This will take you to a google search result list (which i linked to)You then click on the first search result and it will take you straight to the page WITHOUT a signup block.Then read away!Hope that helps

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